Beyond Web Scraping

If you need a high volume of Web data for your applications, products, or workflows, you know that typical web-scraping solutions or manual approaches just don’t scale well. They falter as you add more sites, more frequent extractions, or more data volume. Moreover, complex or dynamic sites are usually a huge problem.

And then there are the workflow issues. Non-enterprise-class web scrapers can’t automatically integrate and normalize data from many different sites.  They don’t provide automated monitoring, change detection, or data QA.  And they break down and stop returning the right data when a website makes even minor changes. So, the flow of data you need is not persistent or reliable.

But Connotate’s advanced science and technology let you leave mere Web scraping solutions behind and enter the world of true intelligent Web harvesting. Whether we’re providing hosted extraction or on-prem solutions, our patented innovations ensure that you:

  • Get only the data you want, structured in the format you need
  • Ensure rapid and complete access to complex and dynamic sites, even those with JavaScript and AJAX
  • Gain an efficient way to monitor millions of Web data points, day in and day out
  • Receive alerts on just the changes that matter
  • Integrate a clean, reliable Web data flow smoothly into your processes
  • Run reliably and consistently, even when target websites change format

Our fundamental differentiator is our ability to scale cost-effectively.

Web data extraction cost curve of scale, volume and precision. Beyond Web Scraping.

Whether you need a million records a day from several sites or several records each from a half-million sites a day – or just scores of records from the deep Web or complex, password-protected sites – Connotate’s patented technology is a smarter way to solve the problem of scale than using manual processes or hiring armies of programmers.

Connotate is the infrastructure that allows businesses to intelligently bridge from the Web to the processes behind your firewall.

What it takes to extract data from 10000 websites. Beyond Web scraping.

Web data. Simplified.

Connotate leverages artificial intelligence to “learn” and understand websites rather than just statically parsing HTML. Our patented technology replicates anything a human being can do on a website:

  • On a much greater scale, more accurately and very, very quickly
  • At an order of magnitude more efficient than manual processes, scripts or Web scrapers
  • With no need for technical developers

Connotate follows the paradigm of targeted search, efficient navigation and precise data extraction. We make it easy to pull out only the important information that’s relevant to your business so you can make exceptionally timely, cost-effective decisions.

Connotate dramatically reduces the cost of precise Web data extraction at scale, opening up a host of new opportunities for monetizing the Web.

That’s incredibly valuable. That’s Web data. Simplified.

Connotate accurately scrapes web data, filters and delivers in a structured format

The Connotate Process

Turning Web pages into useful information may sound simple, but actually defining and scoping a Webdata project can be quite complex.

Connotate’s experts have years of experience helping clients decide exactly what data they need and where to find it. We take the time to consult with clients to determine how often they need to collect the data, and then we’ll help them select the optimal Connotate solution mix that will transform Web pages into consumable data to deliver high-value business assets.

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The Connotate Product

Connotate’s product solutions are designed to accommodate your business processes – and adapt to future growth and change. We offer flexible, practical options to meet your specific business needs.

Connotate’s on-premise solution enables non-technical staff to monitor and collect data from websites quickly and easily. Connotate’s hosted solutions are ideal for businesses or departments that don’t have the time or IT computing resources to manage a project from start to finish.

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