This insatiable demand has driven a staggering growth in online news sites, news archives and other news sources – such as corporate websites. By mining this enormous resource, you can create revolutionary products and services that vastly increase your addressable audience.
Connotate’s massively scalable web content monitoring and extraction capabilities unlock this potential, turning hundreds of thousands of constantly updated websites into your own worldwide news database – dramatically expanding your reach and driving down your costs. Many leading news providers and content aggregators have chosen Connotate – including such well-known names as Associated Press, Thomson Reuters and Precise. With Connotate, they can:
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Offer comprehensive news coverage by extracting news and content from hundreds of thousands of websites.
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Add new web sources in as little as minutes using Connotate’s intuitive point-and-click interface.
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Provide unique, differentiated content by augmenting existing news feeds with content from niche sources.
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Reduce ongoing maintenance costs with extraction technology that adapts automatically to most site format changes.
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Enrich the value of their content by adding contextual data, and by normalizing and indexing across sources.
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