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10 Reasons to Use Automated Web Data Monitoring & Extraction
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Competitive & Pricing Intelligence

Connotate gives you real-time visibility into your competition. With Connotate, you can automatically monitor your competitors’ pricing, track their performance, and follow their product and market strategy as it unfolds. Learn more
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Retail & Distribution Chain Monitoring

Connotate delivers the up-to-date channel visibility you need to protect your brand pricing power, increase channel effectiveness, and defend against gray and black markets. Learn more
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Compliance & Risk Management

Automatically leverage the power of online court records, watch lists and social media platforms to dramatically improve your regulatory compliance and risk management capabilities. Learn more
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Sales Intelligence

Develop new prospects, drive repeat business and accelerate sales cycles by arming your sales organization with a constant flow of contacts, customer information and news, and key market developments. Learn more
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News & Content Aggregation

Create high-value, differentiated news and information products and services by automatically extracting dynamically updated web content from thousands of online sources. Learn more
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Background Check

Improve background check and credentialing accuracy by instantly gathering and correlating information from thousands of official criminal record sites, sex offender registries, academic institutions and professional association websites. Learn more
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Financial & Market Research

Analyze markets more deeply and make more informed investment decisions by automatically tracking market-moving events, corporate operational data, regulatory filings, sector news and the latest government statistics. Learn more
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