Data collection, monitoring and dispersion.

Background Check

Connotate’s solution has enabled credit reporting agencies and background screening wholesalers to automate the search of public records and court documents in over 1,500 jurisdictions nationwide:

  • Improve accuracy by replacing error-prone manual processes
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need to hire programmers to fix broken scripts
  • Increase your competitive edge by dramatically improving turnaround time

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Competitive & Pricing Intelligence

Customers today use the Internet and smart phones to dictate the prices they are willing to pay for goods as well as to publicize their opinions of those goods. The same Web that empowers consumers can help you regain control – and the competitive edge you may otherwise be losing.

  • Increase market share by collecting real-time data to support dynamic pricing
  • Adjust product strategy more quickly by monitoring social media sites to gauge customer reaction to new product features
  • Make better decisions by aggregating product comparisons, pricing, availability and reviews across distributor channels

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Compliance & Risk Management

Stay informed of updates on sanctions lists and regulations at the international, federal and state levels. Automated Web data monitoring and extraction makes it easier to:

  • Ensure compliance with laws regulating terrorist financing
  • Ascertain the integrity of potential business partners
  • Reduce exposure to financial fraud and identity theft

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Customer Sentiment

More customers are shopping online and publicly sharing their opinions and buying preferences. Connotate’s automated Web data monitoring and extraction solution makes it easier for you to tap into a continual stream of customer sentiment:

  • Assess quickly whether customer reaction to a new product (yours or your competitor’s) is positive or negative
  • Address product satisfaction issues before they get out of hand
  • Aggregate customer sentiment over time for trend analysis

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Data Publishing

Public-source Web data opens up unlimited possibilities for exploiting the evolving intersection of content and technology to meet customer needs and increase profits:

  • Create well-curated data sets by merging licensed or proprietary content with Web data
  • Improve timeliness while streamlining processes by extracting “just the changes” on target Web sources
  • Deliver highly targeted offerings by aggregating news and blog posts that match specific topics and keywords

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Financial & Market Research

Connotate helps financial services firms uncover value in public-source information in near real-time – creating transparency to better understand markets, sectors, competitors and clients to support strategic planning and investment decisions.

  • Support sell-side and buy-side decision-making by obtaining a continual stream of operational data to accelerate trend analysis throughout the quarter
  • React faster to market changes by detecting market-moving events in near real-time
  • Increase the depth of  research by targeting precise sources and topics you want to monitor

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Financial Data Aggregation

Detecting and communicating market-moving events in near real-time is essential to building and maintaining market share. Automated Web data monitoring and extraction can:

  • Facilitate near real-time reporting by filtering out noise and detecting key events faster with  built-in change detection and targeted keyword searches
  • Improve accuracy by eliminating manual intervention in >90% of data uploading
  • Increase editorial awareness by alerting specific editors to important changes on corporate websites, news outlets and government sites

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Government Solutions

Connotate is delivering highly scalable, rapidly deployable solutions to government agencies, enabling them to leverage public-source Web data to support open-source intelligence (OSINT), research, media analysis and information sharing between office sites and military installations.

  • Obtain timely updates on news, activities and opinions around the world
  • Reduce data collection and IT costs
  • Facilitate information sharing

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Job Aggregation

To remain competitive and attract clients, job aggregators need to ensure that their listings and applicant profiles are current, detailed, accurate and comprehensive. An automated Web data extraction and monitoring solution can:

  • Deliver real-time alerts when job postings are removed from target Web sources as well as when they are added
  • Help maintain detailed, accurate profiles of applicants  by collecting and aggregating full profiles as well as “just the changes” when needed to avoid reloading old data
  • Enhance profiles with information pulled from public sources including social media

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News & Content Aggregation

Connotate enables publishers and information providers to support highly efficient large-scale news and content aggregation operations – while minimizing maintenance and development costs.

  • Tap into hundreds of thousands of news sites, archives and corporate websites
  • Complement existing news feeds with multi-lingual niche sources
  • Improve accuracy while reducing costs using automation to load content with little or no human intervention

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Retail & Distribution Chain Monitoring

Like thousands of “secret shoppers,” automated Web data monitoring and extraction can reveal insights into product placement, pricing and sales practices of business partners in your distribution chain:

  • Improve margins by gaining visibility into street pricing
  • Determine in near-real time what is selling and what isn’t
  • React faster to changes in e-tailers’ merchandizing strategy

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Sales Intelligence & Lead Lists

The Web is an ever-expanding source of contacts and sales intelligence. Automated Web data monitoring and extraction bridges the gap between the Web and internal sales support systems:

  • Find out in near real-time when warm leads turn hot by detecting “changed lead status” using contact data from Salesforce to guide targeted online searches
  • Shorten the sales cycle by monitoring the Web for market-moving events and other triggers
  • Transform inefficient “pull” to automated “push” sales models

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Workflow Automation

Connotate’s Web data monitoring and extraction solution delivers productivity improvements of 30 to 1 or better in comparison to manual processes, enabling clients to achieve these results and more:

  • Reduce background check turnaround time from hours to minutes
  • Improve accuracy and speed of billing to collect revenue in days instead of weeks
  • Minimize labor costs: one non-programmer can typically manage extraction from more than 5,000 websites daily, with >90% of the data uploaded without human intervention

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