Connotate at the World Financial Information Conference (WFIC)

Next month, over 400 members of the global financial information industry will be gathering in New Orleans for the 12th biennial World Financial Information Conference. The four-day event will bring together  information industry professionals from some 40 different countries and will be focused on exploring the issues shaping today’s financial information industry. Attendees at the […]

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On Knowing Thyself and Everybody Else: How CI and Customer Feedback Can Transform Your Business

  Customer feedback is one of the most valuable resources a business has. Far from providing passive or secondhand information, good customer feedback has the potential to give your business a true competitive edge by improving marketing, driving innovation in products and services and increasing sales. While listening to and responding to your own customers […]

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Store and Distribute: Web Data Extraction Your Way

A rapidly increasing number of companies are depending upon data for market research, content aggregation or financial information to make more informed decisions and to enrich the data they provide their clients. As the amount of data available on the web has grown exponentially, the need for massively scalable web extraction technology has never been […]

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Process and Enrich: Better Technology, Better Data

In this fast-paced world, high-quality data and content needs to be mined, harvested, parsed and delivered faster than ever before. The competition in the marketplace is fierce; the more effective and precise tools you have at your disposal will give you a marked advantage. For the last 15 years Connotate has been the market leader […]

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