Store and Distribute: Web Data Extraction Your Way

A rapidly increasing number of companies are depending upon data for market research, content aggregation or financial information to make more informed decisions and to enrich the data they provide their clients. As the amount of data available on the web has grown exponentially, the need for massively scalable web extraction technology has never been […]

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Process and Enrich: Better Technology, Better Data

In this fast-paced world, high-quality data and content needs to be mined, harvested, parsed and delivered faster than ever before. The competition in the marketplace is fierce; the more effective and precise tools you have at your disposal will give you a marked advantage. For the last 15 years Connotate has been the market leader […]

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Ingest: The Next Step in Change Monitoring and Detection

Connotate is the market leader in high‐volume web content acquisition and has been for the last 15 years. Our proven technology includes the following steps: Acquire, Ingest, Process, Enrich, Store and Distribute. All web scraping is not created equal. The methodologies of yesterday, did exactly that – scraped the Internet for a massive amount of […]

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Acquire the Web Content you need to Beat the Competition

With north of 1B websites worldwide, the value of Web content continues to increase exponentially. The challenge has always been how can one best harness the content at scale. The solution, web content extraction, has been growing in popularity as the underpinning technologies have improved and related processes refined. Connotate has been the leader in web scraping (at scale) for the last 15 years, developing a bulletproof enterprise methodology that includes the following steps: Acquire, Ingest, Process, Enrich, Store and Distribute.

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Connotate Web Extraction Technology: A Review by Dan Woods

Dan Woods is CTO and Editor of CITO Research, the author of more than 20 books and over 1,000 white papers on technology, and a columnist for He also works with many technology executives to help them understand the critical new changes that Big Data is requiring for their companies’ data architecture, technology stack, and data supply chain. In this context, we asked him to assess the Connotate platform and discuss its place in a Big Data technology strategy.

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