Putting The Right Data Extraction Tool At The Heart Of Your Data Supply Chain

The world’s data is exploding – along with opportunities to monetize it. But for those in charge of content acquisition and data operations, Big Data’s size and complexity present as many challe...


Connotate Posts Best Year Over Year Results in Company’s History

Today Connotate announced record-breaking results for 2014, driving a 39% year-over-year improvement in Annual Contract Value (ACV) Bookings.


Do You Have A “Frankenstein System” For Harvesting Website Content? Here’s How To Know – And How To Move Beyond It

Tom Williams, COO of Connotate, tells you how to identify the “monsters” lurking in your existing approaches… and how to move beyond them. The world’s registered websites shot past the 1 bill...


From Data to Dollars: How Website Content Can Power Your Data Business

This CITO Research paper describes the latent opportunities that lie waiting to be unleashed in the world’s 1 billion+ websites—and highlights the most effective ways to apply technology and autom...


Turning Big Data into Big Dollars: Three Things You Need to Do Right Now

If you’re in charge of content acquisition or data operations, you know it’s the best of times – and the worst of times. It’s the best of times because, as the amount of available data explo...

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4 Pains of Building Information Products & How to Solve Them

If you build information products, chances are you need to monitor and harvest content from a lot of websites to fuel the information product engine.

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Keeping Tabs on 250,000 Government Officials and their Staffs with a Simple Point-and-Click Interface

KnowWho compiles contact and background data on elected officials, and, their staffs, as well as government relations and media professionals. The data is then used to power data services, Web service...


Using Automated Data Extraction to Find Out Who Makes How Much and Where They Make It

An interview with Sabah Lone, Sales Engineer at Connotate


So Your Kid Wants To Be An English Major? Congratulations.

A tech-savvy mother provides her advice in the age of machine learning and data science.


Are You Building the Next Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Connotate's Chief Strategy Officer, Laura Teller, offers three tips for building a successful data monetization project.

Web Data Supply Chain

The Data Supply Chain… and Why You Should Get One

The data supply chain has evolved from structured to vast and dynamic. Machine learning powers predictive analytics and data pattern recognition.