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So Your Kid Wants To Be An English Major? Congratulations.

A tech-savvy mother provides her advice in the age of machine learning and data science.


Are You Building the Next Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Connotate's Chief Strategy Officer, Laura Teller, offers three tips for building a successful data monetization project.


It’s Decision Day For Airbnb in San Francisco

Connotate's Web extraction solution is highlighted in this TechCrunch article on Airbnb.

Web Data Supply Chain

The Data Supply Chain… and Why You Should Get One

The data supply chain has evolved from structured to vast and dynamic. Machine learning powers predictive analytics and data pattern recognition.


Connotate Partner Spotlight: TEMIS

An interview with John Paty, VP of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at TEMIS.


Using Connotate’s Webdata Extraction for Custom Federated Search to Fuel Intelligence and Analysis Workflows

An interview with Chris Giarretta, VP of Sales Engineering at Connotate.


Connotate Partner Spotlight: How Systech Provides Business Intelligence Using Connotate Webdata Extraction

In this interview with Yusuf Gulamhussain, VP of Analytic & Information Management at Systech Solutions, we learn what Systech is doing to help customers take their BI initiatives to a much higher lev...

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How Our Own Hosted Operations Benefit From Our Data Extraction Technology

Learn how our hosted data extraction solutions benefit our customers, while helping build better, smarter extraction agents for all.


Keith Cooper, CEO of Web Harvesting Provider Connotate, Set to Keynote NJTC Annual Meeting on July 17th

Connotate’s CEO and successful tech entrepreneur Keith Cooper will offer keynote remarks at the upcoming annual meeting of the New Jersey Technology Council (“NJTC”).


Eliciting Value from Harvesting Web Data is as Easy as 1-2-3

We often have conversations with prospects that are trying to grasp how they might elicit value from harvesting Webdata.


Connotate Partner Spotlight: Information Evolution

In this interview with Jim Currie, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Information Evolution, Inc. (IEI), we learn what IEI is doing to help their clients gain an advantage over the competition.