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A Tisket, A Tasket – Price Intelligence for an Easter Basket

Gina Cerami, Connotate's VP of Marketing, uses our automated Web scraping technology to examine Easter-related price changes from around the country.


Upcoming Webinar: Using Automated Retrieval for Background Checks

Webinar Date: April 22, 2014; Time: 12pm ET

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The NCAA Tournament Did Not Bring Championship Results to Dallas-Area Hotels

Connotate's automated Web scraping solution powers the data behind this Skift report on the Final Four's impact on Arlington hotel prices.

Laura Teller

Final Four Frenzy Doesn’t Translate to Sell-Out For Tourney Home Hoteliers

This year’s upset-filled NCAA Championship season was great for audiences and TV ratings. But according to our recent analysis, the excitement didn’t travel to the Final Four venue city of...


Faster Time to Clearing a Candidate, Means Faster Time to Hire

Gina Cerami, Connotate's VP of Marketing, discusses the benefits of automating the background check process.


Building a Datapipe of Patient Data with Intelligent Web Crawling

In this interview, Gina Cerami sits down with Connotate's VP of Sales Engineering, Chris Giarretta, to learn about an exciting new initiative to centralize healthcare provider and patient data.


3 Reasons to Up Your Web Scraping Game

Barry Graubart, Connotate's VP of Product Strategy, presents the reasons why you should consider abandoning your entry-level Web-scraping software for an intelligent Web-scraping solution.


Not All “No Programming Needed” Disclaimers Are Made Equal

Bogdan Sabac, Connotate’s VP of Engineering, debunks the hype surrounding Web scraping and Web crawling claims of “no programming needed.”


The Top Pitfalls of Web Scraping

Vince Sgro, Connotate’s Chief Technology Officer, identifies the drawbacks of traditional Web scraping and recommends ways to sidestep them.


Chow Down! Meat and Potatoes for Data Professionals Mean Continued Sustenance

Gina Cerami, Connotate’s VP of Marketing, discusses major findings of a new data professional salary survey by O’Reilly Strata.


Normalization and Transformation – Your Guide to Success, Part 2

Bogdan Sabac, Connotate’s VP of Engineering, continues his explanation of how data normalization and transformation in an automated Web data monitoring and extraction solution can ease your workflow...